2 models of iPad 3 next year? Apple putting in high-end camera and Retina Display to their latest tablet iPad?

iPad 2 was launched this year during March, presumably iPad 3 will be revealed March next year and we are closing to it. According to DigiTimes, one good news for us is the next generation iPad (maybe 3 or 2S) will divided into two models. One is more higher-end and one is more affordable.


The more expensive model will be equipped with a 8.0 mega pixel camera (really?? It is just a tablet, why need to have such a high-end camera on it though it is technically possible. Do they think we are going to take our iPad out for photoshooting?). 1536 X 2048 Retina Display ( This is reasonable, but it will be the main reason why it is more expensive). A6 Quad-Core processor ( This is also possible because it is time for Apple to release their latest chip amid the keen competition from other manufacturer) and 160,00 mAh Battery (This looks fine but will battery take up lots of space of the entire device, or this is a new type of battery we have never seen before?). The Mid-level iPad will also be available but with only a 5.0 mega pixel camera. (Is that all? The difference of high-end or mid-end is just 3.0 mega pixel?). iPad 2 will still be available but work as the lowest level model in the iPad line.


This rumor tells us some future about iPad but I personally don’t think there is such a need to divide into two categories because of the camera, which is not important at all for a tablet. A 5.0 mega pixel camera is more than enough for a tablet because it can never replace a Digital Camera.

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