Rumors: Apple iTV to have two separate models

Rumors: Apple iTV to have two separate models

Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple was working in the back scene for their latest technology – Apple iTV. They have been closely working with media and suppliers throughout the months, the design has recently completed. We got some updates from their manufacturing suppliers


According to DigiTimes who got the news from Apple’s product line, iTV will be divided into 32 inch and 37 inch models. Manufacturer will prepare the parts in spring 2012 and implement their manufacture in summer or autumn. However, from the size of iTV, it is nothing compared to HDTV, IDTVs in the market. How will Apple reset the market this time? Will they support iTunes store inChinaandHong Kongor more Asian Pacific Regions? Though the size is larger than an iMac, what will it include other than just a display?


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