iPhone 4S to arrive in Mainland China on or before 23rd January?

iPhone 4S to arrive in Mainland China on or before 23rd January?

It is believed that people inChinaare all very eager to own their first official iOS phone device – iPhone 4S. It seems that Apple has kept them waiting and they could only buy from other regions including Hong Kong andMacau. The price in Hong Kong andMacauis of course higher than official price because people over there buy and sell their phones to the trading market targeting Mainland visitors. This principle is similar to that of selling iPad 2s on eBay right before launch when the demand is high but supply is short. Many people are making money from this in Hong Kong andMacauindeed. This also made the whole phenomenon like investing in stocks. People inHong Kong, like me, will update the latest second-hand market price of iPhone 4S online and see if Apple opens the sale. Usually they can make 1000HKD per selling one iPhone 4S.


iPhone 4S in China


This money making dream will soon be over because iPhone 4S is arriving in Chinasoon. Apple and its iPhone remains stronghold of people’s heart in mainland China, symbolizing the trend. iPhone 4S has gained China’s industrial and informational departments entry permit recently dated 11 Dec 2011. The People’s Daily (one of China’s official and popular newspaper) indicated that many authorized resellers are revealing information about the iPhone 4S sale in China. The release date will not be later than Lunar new year which means that 23rd Jan.


Will this beChina’s biggest new year present?


VIA People’s Daily

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