Apple might use iTV to promote their Apple TV Channel

Apple might use iTV to promote their Apple TV Channel

Many rumors are now pointing at a mid-2012 launch of Apple’s iTV, which is divided into two models one 31 inch and one 37 inch.


iTV is a kind of Internet broadcasting with video-on-demand. Apple iTVApple might be using iTV to launch different TV channels with different contents. That seems Apple is going to run its own media from then on.


Like iPhone and iPad, Apple iTV will use Apple’s own Operating System most probably iOS. Other than the operating system, Apple is going to use their A series chip on their new TV also like what they did in iOS devices. Some rumors said Apple has already developed A-6, A-7 chips that are targeted at next generation iPad or iPhone. There are still doubts whether they will be used in the new Apple iTV.


There are possibly 2 more doubts about this TV. How will this iTV differ from iMac? Will it also run Mac OSX because of its size in holding enough component that can run a computer? At least it won’t be just a television otherwise that makes no point for customers buying TV from them. If they are running iOS on this TV, it is possible that this TV will be a breakthrough because it can be a gaming, light processing platform. It can also use iTV as an extension of iPad or iPhone when in a remote control mode. It seems to me that iTV has unlimited potential given the big but not big enough screen this time.


However, iTV might not be a very good news for those living in Asian Pacific Region like Hong Kong andChina. Even in Apple TV 2 (the small console), they are still not supported inAsia.Hong Kongdoesn’t have its own iTunes store for Music and Video downloads. Those who are using Apple TV in Hong Kong orAsiamust hold a US Apple account instead of a local one. They can only buy and view things inUScurrency and many transaction problems arise, resulting in a lack of Apple TV users inAsia. Well, Apple also did not but the Apple TV on Apple store.


In conclusion, this is a good news for US or those Apple iTunes store enabled countries. However, it takes time for Apple to develop network inChinaorAsiato establish their own iTunes store for the possible Apple iTV launch next year.

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