Apple applied patent for new generation batteries, battery life extends to more than a week

Apple applied patent for new generation batteries, battery life extends to more than a week

United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued two patent application documents to show Apple is applying for”hydrogen fuel cell” patent, this new battery could make computers, mobile phones use up to several weeks, and has a smallersize and lighter!

Compared to conventional chemical manufacturing batteries, battery by a new catalyst for hydrogen fuel converted to electricity,and will release harmless carbohydrates. “Such a fuel cell to provide high capacity, high-quality potential energy, or for mobileelectronic devices as long as several days or weeks.” Patent documents in the case said. Fuel cell technology is not a newinvention, now in military and automotive use.

According to the AppleInsider who reported that Apple is actually made ​​from the start in October and hydrogen fuel cell-related patent applications, and even earlier, also assessed a series of solar energy as the feasibility of mobile devices.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs after the death of the former, many people are observing the performance of Apple’s follow-up, thehydrogen fuel cell can successfully do in the real goods, will improve the user experience will be a landmark invention, alsoeven without Steve Jobs that Apple may also be able to continue to thrive as the world of technology to bring innovation.

United States Application US20110311895
United States Application US20110313589
AppleInsider | Apple exploring lighter, more efficient hydrogen fuel cells
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Apple has plans to use hydrogen in batteries allowing iPhones and iPods to hold a charge for WEEKS | Mail Online

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