How to save and recover your iPhone, iPad Home Button?

How to save and recover your iPhone, iPad Home Button?

From time to time, some find their Home Keys on iPhone and iPad become non-sensitive and responding very slow to clicks. Especially girls in Hong Kong, who find their iPhone really fragile in terms of the Home key. While the home keys are very important to iPhone users, there is still a way to save it from the above circumstances. The defects of the Home Key might not be a hardware problem but a software problem except you damaged the Home Key directly. The above video shows some ways to recalibrate the Home key and revive it in just 3 steps.

1) Open one of the Apple iPhone / iPad preinstalled apps such as Weather, Stocks… etc

2) Press the On/Off Button until it shows “slide to power off”, then release the button.

3) Press the Home Key until “slide to power off” goes away and returns to Home screen

Many find this way useful to calibrate the Home Button, if you are having trouble with it, please try this way and tell me if it works!

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