What’s wrong with Sony PS Vita (PSV) initial warranty and customer protection?

People were shocked to know that the next generation PSP, called PS Vita has so many different kinds of bugs at its 12-23 worldwide launch. We have discussed about the bugs and defects that people inJapan, who first got the device, detected. Those bugs include malfunction of touchscreen, failure to start up…etc. However, it seems Sony is still not learning from previous experience and keep customers pissed.


They firstly do not allow for returning their products, saying that they have limited stocks and ask users for a repair costing almost half of the full price of PSV. Is this actually reasonable? Are customers paying money to enter a lucky draw for their malfunctioned device? How can a company mistreat customers like this?


If you say checking the product before purchase is of customers’ responsibility, then Sony is really doing on the contrary. Many great electronics, including Apple iPhone, lets their customer to check thoroughly their gadgets before leaving the shops. Sony is not allowing this again, saying there is high volume of traffic. You are not allowed to check the PSV at Sony Store. You can only pay and leave the store immediately without any guarantee. If you find there are any problems, you are required to call the customer hotline instead of going directly to speak with retail shops. What on earth this retail strategy is?


One thing really funny is that they do not guarantee for malfunctioned displays. They only guarantee an exchange or refund for displays that have 6 or more dead pixels. Nowadays, it is simply impossible to have any displays that allow light or dead pixels on it, I mean not even one pixel. Even Television do not have such a problem, is Sony now admitting they have problems and force customers to buy these substandard goods from them? What are those management thinking about? Only profit making without managing their brand?


This is really funny!

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