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Hong Kong Sony PS Vita launch perceived with long queue (reporting in Sony TST Store)


Today is the world wide launch of Sony PS Vita. The same date is the Asian Games Show (AGS) 2011. A perfect timing for Sony to launch and make big money from consumers who long for their dream gadget of the year. It could say sony is really a great fan of Apple because they like copying apple’s retail strategy. For example, one of the newest Sony style store in Shatin,NewTerritoriesis exactly the same as how apple store is decorated. They know they won’t be as successful as apple in the rest of the world but they don’t care, their management wants to make the launch big using marketing strategy.

First, they created a shortage online in their preorder stage, forcing people to bundle with 2 games that thy might not want. The two games bundle wasn’t originally in the pricing information they released before the preorder date. Is this not cheating in another way? I am not sure if Sony does the same in other regions but they are not quite sincere to genuine consumers.

Secondly, they do not respond to customer question by saying they don’t know about their stock status. Their retail representatives pretend to keep the secret and this is exactly what apple does. But I bet apple is doing better than them since apple at least have large stock for preorder. The launch of Sony this time is, however, stupid. They clearly have large pile of stock but still make the preorder short. Only not about 100 people in HK, discounting those who are going to resell it to gain instant money, managed to make their orders online( the server actually crashed many times creating unfairness)

Why I say they have large pile of stock? I observed it through the smaller scale games shops selling Japanese version PS vita. The price keeps going down from the Japanese launch in 17 Dec. the difference right now is only $ 200 HKD ( about $25 USD). This means those on the market knows the stock is large and this product is not rare looking at the demand.

PS : I am one of those lining up in the Tim Sha Tsui Sony store. We have to line up in the staircase so I can’t clearly see how many people are ahead of me. But I assume there are about a hundred. Half of those lining up around me speak mandarin. I assume some of them want to resell the PS Vita in mainland. Hope Sony will process us faster after 11:00 am. Please do not let people down. (10:29 am HKT)

Sony staff keeps coming to the line and, guess what, take photos of us. Okay, they really don’t get it. They even use iPhone to record video of us. Well, they are quite successful in making people advertising for them. On the contrary, apple offers tea and coffee to the line in US during my visit to US, not taking photos of how great thy are. Sony, if not for your Playstation, I wouldn’t have done this.

@11:23 am HKT I got the ticket issued by Sony Hong Kong and I am arranged to go to the shop by 14:00-15:00 for my PS Vita. I was not quite satisfied by the fact that Sony again change the pricing on site. They force us to bundle with either a 4GB or 8 GB PS Vita Memory Card which will cost you $288 HKD more. Will this business strategy be a bit too messy? People might not budget for $300 more in this purchase. I really don’t like them asking us to bundle too many things with one single purchase.

The staff there in Tsim Sha Tsui Sony Store was not kind to people. They often scold people for making slow decision between PSV Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G or asking questions. When they give the tickets to people, they seem angry more than delightful to serve people.Hong Kongis a service oriented city, how can they be like this especially they are from one of the world famous brandnames in electronics?

Another surprising news, which is about warranty, I will put it up on another post here.

Are you still planning to buy one now?

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