Jailbreak for iOS 5/ iOS 5.0.1 to be released during Christmas? (with video)

Developer pod2g is asking us to wait for a while until he release his version of perfect jailbreak. He released a video on Youtube showing him playing the jailbroken iPhone 4. He mentioned that his jailbreak tools are almost the same as the current redsn0w tool so as its stability. However, his version of jailbreak, though ready for launch, still cannot support iPhone 4S and iPad 2 because the A5 chip takes longer for hackers to jailbreak due to its complexity. Some say that it could only be a half-jailbreak because the Random Access Memory is yet not cracked. Those who are holding iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with iOS 5 or later may have to wait a bit longer until jailbreak is released in the future.

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