iOS 5 iMessage Security Loopholes identified

If you have updated your i-device to iOS 5, the testing application will become iMessage. In addition to traditional information, iMessage can send the same SMS, MMS, etc., but also through a network connection, and among iMessage users. People do not worry because the iMessage consumes network data instead of expensive SMS fees. However, recently discovered iMessage have serious vulnerabilities that private information could be at stake.

Although Find my iPhone can help you wipe the device clean if you lose it. Some expert found that even if you wiped the iPhone or iPad, the iMessage is still registered to the original Apple account. Therefore, the thieves will keep receiving your iMessage later on after stealing you iPhone or iPad. We must be careful not to get our phone lost and consider twice before installing Find my iPhone.

Among WhatsApp, LINE and iMessage, iMessage is the smoothest one but it seems it still cant escape from the fact that there are security problems.

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