Hong Kong AGS 2011 Sony PS Vita Sales – Where and How?

Hong Kong AGS 2011 Sony PS Vita Sales – Where and How?

From Playstation Hong Kong Facebook


Sony wants us to queue a day prior to the AGS for them. Again, Sony HK’s sales technique is really creepy and copying badly from what Apple does. I really don’t like them organizing such an event for “security measures” but turn out asking customers, here I mean genuine customers who are not reselling their consoles afterwards, to work as part time for promoting Sony’s new PS Vita. The whole arrangement is again disappointing. I still recommend people not to buy at once because this is just torturing ourselves for the ease of Sony Hong Kong. If they know there will be huge demand for PS Vita, why don’t they increase the quota online? They just want to make good use of the AGS to create queues for their further sales.

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