What are some bugs found on Sony PS Vita?

What are some bugs found on Sony PS Vita?

As PS Vitra is launching very soon world wide, we got some reports that there are number of bugs and manufacture defects discovered. This will give us some idea whether we should buy PS Vita now. These problems are certainly serious and worth mentioning.

The comments of PS Vita below is Japanese. Japan’s PS Vita seems to be releasing much earlier than other regions so people can actually test it out.

Here is a translation of the problem listed below:

1. Force Shut Down of Games, screen freezing
2. Force Shut Down of Games, Screen not freezing
3. △○□x keys are too small, difficult to use
4. The rear touchpad is not sensitive
5. SIM Lock of the 3G
6. Speakers are easily covered by finger|
7. Can’t read PS Vita Cards
8. Display problem (white screen)
9. Cannot connect to PC when charging
10. The front display touch screen not sensitive enough

11. Analog Key is to hard , difficult to control
12. No Operation mode for video playback, will enter sleep mode in video playback

Clearly we know most of these problems can be solved by releasing update patch. But it is still doubted why Sony launch the gadget too prematurely before doing enough Quality Control and let flaws go on.






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