iOS game review: Fantasy Defense on iPhone and iPad – another defender game!


This is the game title page. It supports various social media

This is a brief review of one of the top 25 games now in App store. it is called fantasy defender. From the name u can easily judge it is a normal defender game that is similar to crystal defender. but the reason why this games is highly recommended is it has above average graphics and some RPG elements. The game has a story and also some characters that you can customize. Other than the RPG elements u may also want to know more about the game play. So here are some images for your reference:


this is a classical RPG main screen. you can shop and upgrade the skills of the characters in the game

A General Game Play Screen from fantasy defender. it looks like a war zone in this review


tutorial on what the icon means.

the story

prologue of the story, those who like RPG must like this!


In Fantasy Defender, you can upgrade the skills of the characters after the wars. They are divided into two categories. the first one is the heros, where you see a hero and two heroines that are the strongest unit in the field. Also, you can upgrade the ability of the "Units" which are deployed to the field as massive units on war.


the reason why many look upon this game is that the graphic is quite good with a story background. it suits various customers.

I personally strongly recommend this game to you since it is now on sale. it is now sold for $0.99 US. There includes many levels and features that can kill your time. With the above average graphics and game experience, I do think spending 0.99 is worthwhile and I am sure those RPG game and Mini Game lovers will definitely like this a lot

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