Disappointing Sony PS Vita Pre-order in Hong Kong. 26-11-2011

Disappointing Sony PS Vita Pre-order in Hong Kong. 26-11-2011

I am really a great fan of Sony Playstation and I have decided to buy my PS Vita through the online store in Sony. I was reminded few days ago that they are holding the preorder today at 11am.

So I am so disappointed by Sony’s arrangement just now. firstly, the serve is down immediately after 11am and no one actually can get into the website to make their preorders. the server has paralyzed and does not respond to anyone.

Secondly, the sony hong kong facebook admin put up their new product photos and news about the pre-order with apologies on their song hong kong facebook wall. what’s wrong with you sony? I find them having sudden price change to their PS Vita original plan and the page I made through is telling you that you are forced to bundle with the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss with your PS Vita, marking $400 more for your original budget without prior notice to customer.

Let me show you what they gave us, the so-called valuable customers, through the promotional email:

Where is the option of buying the console? Why make people bundle with some games that people don't actually want in order to get the console?


This is really disappointing, Sony shows no credibility and sincerity to loyal customers and they really want to piss people off.

Many customers with grievances are now rumbling on sony’s facebook and see how sony will react upon this.

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