How much did it cost to build an iPhone 4S?

How much did it cost to build an iPhone 4S?

While people are still waiting in lines for their iPhone 4S, some IT specialists tore down the 4S and estimate the cost of building such a magical device. For this moment, the consumer price for an iPhone 4S is $5088 HKD ($653.82 USD, there is no sales tax in HK). Those experts found out that, accounting all the components in the iPhone 4S, it costs only $1409 HKD to build it ($181.06 USD)

Some components such as the Retina Display with Multitouch are apparently costing more than all the others. For the Retina Display, it costs $288 HKD ($38 USD). However, here is the reason why people always hate the battery of iPhone, it costs only $46 HKD ($6.5 USD). Even Apple has to pay for the manufacturing, logistics, advertising expense, they are really making a big profit from selling each of iPhone 4S.

Actually Apple is notorious for marking price about 3-2X higher than original cost not only in iPad, iPhones but also in their iMacs. When you go to newegg and pick all those components for the iMac to fit in a PC. You will find that an IMac is about twice more expensive than normal PC models. Such profit do go to other parts of the Apple operation but people are willing to paid for the stylish and artistic design of Apple products.

These just reveal that the phone we are holding in our hands can be unexpectedly cheap.


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