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iOS vs Andriod, Use or not?

iOS vs Andriod, Use or not?

Now that the smartphone market is ever-changing, Andriod and iOS both comes with their latest firmware version and many of those who wish to get a new phone are still wondering which OS to buy. Here are some guides:

5 reasons you like iOS:

1. it is the most user-friendly OS

One of the Merits of iOS would be its very–easy-to-use user interface. Many comments do point out users can comprehend the operation even they are newcomers to the iOS

2. Simple and Beautiful appearance

The icons and organization are simple and aesthetic. Those who pursue artistic product will definitely love iOS

3. More Apps than Andriod

Undeniably, apps in Apple App store outweighs the apps in Andriod market in millions. Payment method also made easy for users that are not familiar with online payment. Developers can easily upload and earn from designing apps.

4. The Apple-effect

The brand of Apple certainly is a pulling factor because it symbolize a high-end technology experience and setting the standard for smartphone/tablets. From the first day of iPhone’s launch, it becomes the hottest topic ever. It triggers kind of conformity and bring people together using iOS.

5. iOS hardware worth more

Maybe those living outside Asia don’t know this but iPhone and iPad do receive a very high buyback amount. People are willing to sell their iOS product to the second hand market.

5 reasons you dislike iOS

1. User Interface Limited

Users don’t get autonomy in organizing their own desktop on their iPhones because it is so bounded by the icon framework and the dock. Unless people jailbreak, they can’t enjoy full customization over their user interface. Even if you jailbroke your iPhone, the customizable elements are still limited

2. Doesn’t Support Flash

Adobe Flash is very common programming language in most of the website and some mini games. However, Steve Jobs (1955-2011) made it clear that iOS does not support Flash and the related products. So you can’t play flash games nor view some dynamic sites on iOS. Jobs thought HTMLS will be dominant therefore creating this headache for consumers.

3.It is a jailed system

As mentioned in point 1, it is a locked firmware and you can’t easily customize it. Meanwhile, the system is closed and prevent some user actions such as bluetooth file transfer, which is very common among older ages of Smartphone but taken out in iOS.

4. iTunes is the jail

iOS devices rely on iTunes to do the synchronization. While the options are very limited, it doesn’t suppoer free file transfer.

5. Lack of freshness

iOS devices are limited to iPhone of Apple. On one hand the user interface hasn’t changed much since day one, on the other hand the hardware lacks variability It is not uncommon that people are holding iOS devices along the street.

Now back to Andriod, with its latest version of Andriod 4.0 Icecream Sandwich, why do u like or dislike Andriod?

5 Reasons you like Andriod:

1. Customized User Interface (Desktop)

Unlike the fixed user interface that iOS has, Andriod has a fully autonomous desktop for you to customize. You can put weather, clocks on the main screen and have it your way. If you use Andriod, you will never be bounded by the icon-centered user interface

2. More Free Apps on Andriod Market

To put this simple, you have to pay for $0.99-$1.99 for Angry bird on iPhone but it is free on Andriod as well as many other apps. One of the popular apps that is free on Andriod is WhatsApp, together with LINE as messaging apps.

3. More choices over headsets

Andriod is an open source OS. It is available in many devices including Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, HTC…etc. consumers do have more choice to suit their own style, rather than complying to the only-one iPhone

4. Welcomed by professional users.

advanced settings and customization like Root, partitioning…etc that are very much favored by users that are professional in using mobile phone for many other usage.

5. Google-effect

Andriod is a one-stop google platform that supports almost all google services like google+, gmail, maps… etc, people can integrate their online services into their cell phone easily and sync them with many other services that are compatible.

5 reasons you dislike Andriod

1. Complicated OS and user interface

Andriod is not as user-friendly as iOS. Newcomers do need time to adapt to different controls and function on Andriod. There are too many versions of Andriod available therefore users are likely to misunderstood the controls.

2. Slower updares

Not all devices can be updated to the latest firmware. Users have to wait for latest factory driver updates in order to upgrade the firmware.

3. Prone to Virus and malware

As an open source OS, increasingly hackers discover security loopholes and attack andriod. This will undermine user’s privacy and security.

4. Lack of gaming platform

iOS has a gaming plarform called Game Centre, also a social platform for people to be ranked and see the leaderboard and also finding friends, But Andriod still lacks such an exchange and unifired platform.

5. Compatibility issues

Some apps are not developed for other phones, those apps are not compatible on every phone that cause some andriod phones to crash easily while users are not informed which should be compatible and which should not.

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