Use LINE app wisely: Enhance security in LINE app

Use LINE app wisely: Enhance security in LINE app

Following the return of LINE app in the apple App store. Our website will be talking more about the general usage and some tips of using LINE the challenger of whatsapp in mobile messaging app.

Firstly, people are very concerned about their privacy and other security issues regarding this social networking app. Of course, as what we have been warning, you should not expose any confidential information such as password, home address… Etc to anyone or any parties on the app.

Secondly, many users complain that many unknown people and strangers. One of the ways to maximize your security is to turn off the “set ID to public” in your setting. In that way your profile pic and your user ID will not be known by others

To deactivate: go to settings -> my profile -> scroll down to the bottom and turn Set ID off.


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