Fake Chinese iPad 2 looks 99% like the genuine iPad 2 for US$189 (Remaining 1% is advanced tech spec ironically)

Fake Chinese iPad 2 looks 99% like the genuine iPad 2 for US$189 (Remaining 1% is advanced tech spec ironically)


Although it seems unclear in this photo but people in ShenZhen pointed out that it looks alike (Credits to techweb.com.cn)

The “fake iPad 2 first generation” has now been released inChina. Not only does it look 99% like the original slim and 9.7 inch display iPad 2, it has also advanced camera and dramatically lower price (only about US$189) even cheaper than the self-proclaimed cheapest tablet Amazon Kindle Fire. It has made it very clear that it is a fake.

What’s astonishing about this apparently fake iPad 2 is the finishing is nearly perfect. It has smooth control as smooth as the original iPad 2. Undeniably, this fake iPad 2 has beaten other Made-in-China tablets

Enhanced hardware

Everyone knows that iPad 2 has been out for almost half year, but technology has never stopped growing. This fake iPad 2 has a Freescale iMX535 1.2GHz processor similar or even better than some mainstream tablet producers. With the same size, this tablet even carries a front and rear camera, 200 mega pixel and 300 mega pixel respectively, much better than the original iPad 2.


the Apple Logo is removed from this Fake Product

Tiny difference: a bit bigger than the original

It is a bit bigger but function of it really compensate for it size. it supports USB, HDMI and SD card reader, which is totally different from the original. Of course, one of the difference would be having no Apple Logo on the back but that it not a problem, right?


Andriod 2.3 platform

As it is not an Apple product, it can’t be running iOS. If it can run iOS that means Apple is doing really bad at protecting their patent, if not the App Store only opens to registered iTunes devices. Using the 2.3 Andriod platform, this tablet is just another great tablet, enabling users to download android apps, while it has already preinstalled hundreds of mini-games like Angry Bird



Credits to shanzh.com

If this is the imitation of iPad 2, this must be the king of copying it.Chinahas done very great in importing the technology and modifying with advancement. This really scares people of the capabilityChinaproducers have.China’s tablet is moving out from poor quality and maintenance, towards another stage of development.


Also, its price reminded us of the cost of producing a tablet is decreasing quickly from time to time. If the fake iPad 2 costs USD$189 then how much would that be for the post of the real iPad 2. How much money does Apple make from each iPad 2 is obvious now. We, meanwhile, cannot deny that one dayChinawill have their own company, like Lenovo, that gains international reputation in producing tablets and stuff.



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    I want one! lol.

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    I am sure if we import such thing to the US. Apple will sue us just like what they did on samsung.

    But it is really a magic that china produce something like this

  • zuhra

    Hi, tnx 4 d info. But pls where can I buy this ipad, is there any shop is selling it online? Rily interested.