Nokia’s first Windows Phone Lumia 800 revealed! Shipping in November to Hong Kong, Singapore for US$585

Nokia’s first Windows Phone Lumia 800 revealed! Shipping in November to Hong Kong, Singapore for US$585

If you are Nokia’s die hard fans, you may think OS doesn’t matter anymore. In the past Nokia’s Symbian really let people down when iOS and Andriod are offering their app stores and millions of apps for users to play with. Finally, the rumors of Nokia partnering with Windows Phone have now come true!Nokia World 2011 event just ended few hours ago and spot light did turn to their new windows phone – Lumia 800. Lumia is a Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) platform smartphone the same as “Sea Ray” Lumia 800, meaning that Nokia has marched to the Windows smartphone market. Meanwhile at the same event, Nokia also showcased their another Windows phone, Lumia 710.Lumia 800(left) Lumia 710(right)

The First Nokia Windows Phone ever
Lumia 800’s tech spec is really satisfactory, not only it has a curve 3.9 inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, but it also boosts Qualcomm 1.4GHz processor, Memory is about 512MB, It looks similar to the other Nokia phone N9.

Nokia Lumia 800

Lumia 800 has also an 800 mega pixel F/2.2 carl zeiss camera that supports 720p video recording. Meanwhile Apple’s iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus are stressing their improvement in camera. That’s why Lumia 800 still has its competitive edge. It also supports micro-USB and micro-SIM, navigation button mainly are located on the right hand side,including volume, on/off button and shutter button.

Certainly it has the best hand-on feeling at this moment.their special plastic layer can also prevent plastic from mint and other minor scratch. Same as N9, it is also available in three colors: Blue, Red and Black

Do you like to return to a Plastic feeling?

The price of Lumia 800 is US$585,now open for online orders, and sold in a bundle with data plans in some regions The phone will arrive in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan as soon as possible, targeting a November launch.

To ease people worry on Windows Phone platform and Apps. Nokia also announced their own App Service:

Nokia Drive (Vechile GPS Navigation)
MixRadio (Internet Music Streaming)
Gigfinder (Sounds like AroundMe on iOS, an app that helps you find local stores and make purchases)
Nokia Live View (Live display road side building’s names)
Nokia Maps (Nokia’s updated version of maps)

Nokia Lumia 710

Photo credits to Ezone Hong Kong


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