iPhone 4S – Boom or Bust?

The dust is finally settling and Apple has again shocked the world with it’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. Except this time they shocked the world by ending the highly anticipated presentation without announcement of iPhone 5. To be fair, the iPhone 5 was clearly just a speculation by the mass media. It’s clear that the iPhone 5 was not ready and in place, the reveal of iPhone 4S should not be a disappointment if you read the fine print.

1) Dual Core A5 Chip
This should have been no surprise but iPhone 4S will be shipped with the dual core A5 chip which is the same chip that powers the iPad 2. The A5 chip taunts twice the processing speed and 7 times the graphics accelerator. This should make a clear different to i4 owners when navigating through apps and daily phone usage. Apple’s ability to fully control its supply chain from hardware and software already help them optimize it’s costs and compatibility. This will make it even more faster while maintaining its battery life.

2) iOS 5
Apple boasts iOS 5 with over 200 new features making it more powerful, innovative, and fun. Some highlights are additional apps for security controls, business apps, and integration for external apps such as Twitter.

3) Siri

I’m most curious about this function. With less than a year of acquiring this company, Apple has already integrated this cutting edge voice recognition technology offered exclusively to i4S customers for free! It will allow you to do multiple things such as check the weather as demonstrated today and send messages, perform search functions just by issuing a command. Amazing! Let’s try, “When will iphone 5 come out?”

4) Upgrade Camera
The onboard camera will now feature a full 1080p 8mp camera with upgraded lens of f/2.4 aperture! This is insane. This might be the most under appreciated part of i4s.

5) iCloud
iCloud will be the new way of storing music and other important data. The only downside to iCloud is the 5GB limit and the fee after free trial.

Those who already have a iPhone 4 might be disapointed but if you don’t have an iphone or stuck at iphone 3 and wanting to upgrade, I do not think the iPhone 4S will disappoint you.

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    I’ve just received my iPhone 4S. So great !

  • iphone 4s blanc

    iPhone 4S is the best phone ever ! Just received it from Sprint and I can’t stop playing with it and Siri :)